parachute landing on beach in cairns

Skydive over the Great Barrier Reef – Kurrimine Beach

Did you know you can jump out of a perfectly good airplane over the Great Barrier Reef and land on the beach? For just $30 you can add our exclusive beach landing on Kurrimine Beach to your skydive booking. The Great Barrier Reef is famous for its pristine waters and marine life, and Kurrimine is one of the closest beaches to the Great Barrier Reef. So close you can walk to King Reef when the tide is low!

skydivers in cairns with views of the ocean

Enjoy breathtaking views of the coast. Feel the rush of freefalling skydiving over Kurrimine Beach, followed by an incredible parachute ride back to the beach. Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons to book with Cairns Skydivers:

  • Part of 1300SKYDIVE, we are the most experienced skydiving company in Australia, over 50 years jumping out of planes!
  • Our instructors have thousands of jumps and are licensed under the Australian Parachute Federation.
  • We offer a free shuttle service from your accommodation in Cairns.
  • Best prices for skydiving bookings and video/photos extras.
  • Last, but not least, we pride ourselves of having the best-rated skydiving team in Cairns. They love turning fear of heights into big smiles!

Experience the rush of a lifetime skydiving on Etty Bay with our exclusive beach landing! Book your skydive online today.