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Skydiving is usually at the top of most thrill-seeker’s bucket lists when visiting Cairns. Plunging out of a perfectly good aeroplane is, without a doubt, the experience of a lifetime. So, what are the options to immortalise such an epic feat? Let’s jump straight into it:

Who can wear a camera skydiving?

Under the Australian Parachute Federation regulation, only skydivers with more than 100 jumps are allowed to wear a camera attached to their body or helmet. Even for our Cairns Skydivers instructors, after doing hundreds or thousands of skydives as fun jumpers, they are required to complete at least 100 tandem skydives before they can use a camera to film passengers. This restriction is due to safety reasons, for both the tandem master and skydiving student. Firstly, wearing a camera introduces extra distractions, in an activity that requires an intense level of focus and discipline. Secondly, without proper training, wearing a camera can be hazardous, as it can get on the way of gear handling or even become a snag point. Skydivers go through specific safety training to learn to deal with unforeseen circumstances that may arise while skydiving with a camera. If you were thinking of strapping your gopro or insta360 to yourself while tandem skydiving we are sorry to let you know that it is not allowed. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean you cannot have some amazing photos or video to prove you leaped out of a plane!

With the hand-cam video or photos, your tandem instructor will capture all the action in selfie mode, with a gopro attached to their wrist.

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Are photos and video included in skydiving bookings?

lf you have been thinking of skydiving in Cairns and browsing for options and prices, you probably have realised that video and photo packages are never included in a skydiving booking or voucher. At most dropzones though, skydiving photos and videos are available as extras that you can include in your booking or purchase on the day of your skydive. This is the case with our skydiving packages at Cairns Skydivers. Not only can you have a video edit of your plane ride and freefall, but your family and friends can watch and film you boarding the plane and landing under parachute.

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That feeling remembering your skydive, going through your photos and watching your video again…happines is an understatement.

Is it worth buying photos or video extras?

Let’s be honest, skydiving is EPIC. We won’t compare it to a wedding or the day a first child is born (maybe?), but skydiving is always rated very high. Very often that’s the first thing our customers say upon landing: “that was the best thing I have ever done”. So the question is back to you…is it worth having photos and a video of, very likely, the most incredible experience of your life?

With the ultimate video package you get a second instructor in freefall with a gopro attached to their helmet, filming all the action as an outside camera

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Types of skydiving photo and video packages

There are usually two main types of skydiving photos or videos, depending on how they are shot: hand-cam and outside camera. With all the video options you will normally get an edited video with music, showing different clips of your experience: some dialogue before heading to the plane, boarding the aircraft, the ride to altitude, the exhilarating freefall and the ride under parachute.

Hand-cam skydiving video and photos in Cairns

Hand-cam photos and video are the most affordable option.. Your tandem master will wear a wrist-mounted action camera. If you choose only photos, the camera will be set to automatically take photos at intervals so we don’t miss any of the action. You will receive the best 120 shots. If you choose hand-cam photos and video, the camera will be set to shoot and film. In addition to the photos, you will receive a video edit with music of your experience.

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The view from 14,000 feet is…incredible.

Outside camera for tandem skydiving in Cairns

The ultimate video package for the real thrill seekers. With this option, in addition to the hand-cam setup, a second instructor will freefall with you, filming your skydive with a camera attached to their helmet. In addition to the best 120 selfie-photos you get a video edit with music that includes hand-cam video as well as outside POV footage. Your experience is immortalised from every possible angle!

Cairns Skydivers Video and Photo packages

At Cairns Skydivers we have 3 different photo and video packages that you can add as extras when you book your skydive in Cairns:

  • Hand-cam photos only – $129
  • Hand-cam photos and video – $159
  • Ultimate video package with outside camera (subject to availability) – $279
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Cairns Skydivers, also known as Tandem Cairns, is part of 1300SKYDIVE, the most experienced skydiving operator in Australia and a member of the Australian Parachute Federation. We have the best prices to Skydive in Cairns and offer a free shuttle option with all our bookings. To top an amazing experience you can skydive at Etty Bay and experience an exclusive beach landing. See all prices and options on our skydiving bookings page.