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tandem skydive over the great barrier reef

Skydive Great Barrier Reef

A life-changing experience over the Great Barrier Reef

Experience skydiving at over 200 km/h from up to 14,000 feet, followed by a stunning parachute ride with the best views. Our instructors are qualified by the Australian Parachute Federation, with thousands of jumps each. Our gear that incorporates the latest safety features in the market. Choose the optional beach landing to skydive over the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns Skydivers
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Tandem skydiving options

Choose your skydive package

Pick your preferred extras, like beach landing or video and photo packages. We offer a free shuttle from Cairns. If you prefer it you can choose “self-drive” and head directly to our dropzone. Use code 4MATES at checkout for $20 off (Groups of 4+ pax).

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Tandem skydive Cairns booking


Live the experience of a lifetime jumping out of a plane.

Skydive up to 14,000 feet

Skydiving Certificate

Optional Beach landing

Optional video and photos

Free shuttle service available

payment options

Your booking is flexible.  No extra cost for changes in booking dates or times if you provide more than 48 hours’ notice. If the weather is bad or we cannot jump for other unforeseen circumstances you can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost, credit and vouchers are valid for 3 years. For any other questions please check our Skydiving FAQs or contact us.

Do you prefer to talk to someone on the phone before booking? Call us between 8am and 8pm

Cairns Skydivers - 1300 SKYDIVE
Based on 226 reviews
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23:44 03 Jul 24
Professional, kind, and the process is very pleasant. As the first time to experience skydive, I am very happy to experience everything here.
Mohammad MirzaieMohammad Mirzaie
03:50 29 Jun 24
Great experience
Judith PenroseJudith Penrose
14:41 24 Jun 24
12:30 21 Jun 24
Michelle K.Michelle K.
02:20 20 May 24
Great experience! 🙂 Very professional and friendly. Felt safe all the time. Would definitely recommend 👌🏽🪂
Wenhao ZhangWenhao Zhang
01:27 15 May 24
Once in a lifetime experience, definitely recommended.
Eliya BoxEliya Box
08:03 11 May 24
Can’t thank you enough for my experience this afternoon. It was calm, cool and collected- just what I needed! Rauno looked after me wonderfully and the views were just beautiful. 100% recommend booking here!
Fixi HartmannFixi Hartmann
04:11 02 May 24
The instructors were very funny and friendly and they managed to take away the fear. Highly recommended!!Thank you guysSam & Nele
01:23 01 May 24
Great experience. And staff is kind.
anita reuvekampanita reuvekamp
12:42 18 Apr 24
Had an amazing time doing my double skydive jump today! Good and friendy instructor and very happy with my photo and video 😁👌 thanx guys! Sadly the weather didnt allow us to be able to land on the beach today. Good reason to come back sometime.
Louise KlaaijsenLouise Klaaijsen
03:24 10 Apr 24
We had an amazing time on our recent sky dive with this great company. The staff were great and they knew what they were doing - all in all an excellent experience- if you can, use your own transportation to have more flexibility in getting there and when you want to leave
Manoj MahajanManoj Mahajan
07:48 07 Apr 24
William McdonnellWilliam Mcdonnell
08:44 31 Mar 24
Had a ball best experience ever the bus out was about 1h30 the whole crew were great i jumped with Tatsuya brilliant guy and my partner had mark and when it came to her jumping mark calmed her right down, even did another loop around till they built up her courage to do it! 100% would recommend cant wait to do it again!
tanya jennesstanya jenness
01:17 26 Mar 24
This was an exillerating experience and for a first timer doing skydiving 🪂 I loved it. Thankyou to Lee the instructor for a great experience. Would recommend to anyone to give it a go.
07:46 15 Mar 24
03:49 14 Mar 24
02:03 14 Mar 24
Very good
Daisy TurnerDaisy Turner
03:24 13 Mar 24
Couldn’t recommend these guys enough. Great people through out and made the experience so incredible. I jumped with mark who was a really nice bloke, made me feel safe and excited!
Victor MadsenVictor Madsen
22:45 12 Mar 24
Julius HaydenJulius Hayden
10:21 03 Mar 24
03:44 03 Mar 24
Elizabeth SoletaElizabeth Soleta
22:43 09 Feb 24
It’s amazing. The staff were great from pick up to sky diving . Unsung was very calm and helpful. All instructions were spot on . I will definitely recommend this company
Luisa KrawinkelLuisa Krawinkel
03:25 01 Feb 24
Mark is a great instructor, it was really fun!!!
Fu KiFu Ki
07:56 06 Jan 24
01:18 06 Jan 24
The staff is so friendly and it’s really fun!
younggeun changyounggeun chang
06:38 31 Dec 23
Stephaniec CurranStephaniec Curran
04:56 30 Dec 23
03:50 29 Dec 23
06:11 23 Dec 23
I tried skydiving on a solo trip to Cairns. I saw somewhere that if you were in doubt, you should try it once, and I asked you to do it, but as the plane ascended, the scenery became smaller and you were above the clouds...There was no way you could turn back, and you fell down. ..When I opened my eyes, I was flying on my stomach over the sea, and the beauty was definitely better than the fear! After a quick skydive, the parachute opened and they landed gracefully on the beach. The sea and scenery were truly beautiful...it was a great memory.
Lonita LohseLonita Lohse
01:07 14 Dec 23
I greatly enjoyed my experience with Cairns Skydivers. My instructor, Floyd Daniel, was professional and straightforward. The flight to the diving site was beautiful. The dive itself went smoothly and was everything I hoped for in my first time sky diving.My only critique would be the wait. At the time of my dive, they had two planes, each plane could carry two tandem jumps. There were to be eight tandem jumps the day I was there. So, the first four went and then those of us in the second four waited for the instructors to return. It was over an hour of waiting. I'm okay with waiting, but I prefer to have something to do. They had taken our items to the landing site sometime after the first four left, so we did not have anything to pass the time for much of that wait. I appreciated having my items once the dive was completed, but would have appreciated having my phone or something to entertain me while waiting for the dive.
Fitzroy FosterFitzroy Foster
09:46 29 Nov 23
The experience was awesome. Step by step guide of what to expect and what's going to happen. Exiting the plane was smooth and the landing was like falling on mattress. The view in between was nothing short of spectacular. I'm afraid of heights, but the professionalism of my instructor allays all my fears. Which led to an unforgettable experience. I also tip my hat to the pilot for a smooth uneventful flight.
02:38 18 Nov 23
Terez AnnisTerez Annis
07:51 15 Nov 23
OMG what a truely memorable experience. My instructor Beno was so amazingly calming and professional. He made the scary experience all the more relaxing than I would have ever expected.You guys have one amazing business and that unreal view of the reef and beach will be forever melted into my memories.I highly recommend this awesome experience to anyone.Thanks again guys. Amazing
Sarah WhiteleySarah Whiteley
05:59 11 Nov 23
Absolutely amazing! The guys here are so reassuring and relaxed.Terry my instructor was brilliant!
04:31 09 Nov 23
I love the feeling of falling, especially when my instructor took my backpack off me midway through the fall 10/10
kris hamiltonkris hamilton
06:07 07 Nov 23
It's was the most phenomenal experience I have had in Australia.The Cairns Skydivers were fantastic, I wish I could have jumped again right away.Totally worth it.
melanie hmelanie h
04:20 23 Oct 23
The best experience ever! The guys were so chill and put us at ease. Loved ever second of it ☺️
Taylah FarrellTaylah Farrell
01:19 17 Oct 23
The most unreal experience!All the staff were absolutely amazing. My instructor Eunsung was brilliant, a great communicator and ensured everything went smoothly.I would absolutely recommend this business to everyone and am looking forward to many more dives in the future.
Adam ChambersAdam Chambers
03:05 12 Oct 23
Absolutely amazing, highly recommend the beach landing. A life changing experience.
06:27 10 Oct 23
They are friendly and trustworthy in explaining precautions and movements before Suka Diving.Looking at other experiences, they say I can't do it again, but I wanted to do it again and again.
Catherine GaoCatherine Gao
09:53 08 Oct 23
Amazing experience!It was my very first time to try the sky diving which I planned for 3 years before the Covid.I chose the “landing beach” which was totally worth it. Fantastic view of the sea, my best memory this year!Especially great thanks to my instructor Mark Alan, 13 years experienced skill and very clear instructions. Also great service for the whole team! I felt so lucky to choose this company rather than others. (The other one canceled today due to the windy weather and it nexts to the mountain)Actually today is a bit windy, this company locates a bit far away from Cairns city but with much better with grassland view. The other one located in the Cairns city can be more possible to be canceled if windy weather happens (next to the mountains)If you want to do the skydiving with less possibility to be canceled, better choose this company over others. And, choose the “beach landing” please if you want to enjoy the amazing view of sea.
Kenori 5427Kenori 5427
13:30 21 Sep 23
2023.9.11🛩🪂I experienced it during my trip to Cairns ✨We had the best adventure❗👍・If you are staying in Cairns city, there will be a shuttle to and from you🚌・I don't know much about English, but I felt at ease because there was a Japanese staff member😆・Price is based on beach landingAUD 359 (about 33,000 yen)Purchase GoPro photos and videosAUD159 (about 15,000 yen)*Due to the wind, we had to land on the grass that day, so we received a refund of AUD 30.・There are ``lawn'' and ``beach'' landing locations, but this may change depending on the weather on the day.A trip to Cairns for 6 days and 5 nights.Due to bad weather on the originally scheduled day, we had to move the date.At this time, it was a little difficult because we communicated via email 😂 (because I don't speak English lol)Although it was windy that day, we were able to fly❗We will pick you up at 8:00 and arrive at the skydiving site in about an hour.You can decide whether to purchase photos or photos + videos at the reception stage 📸Also, the landing location may change depending on the weather 💡If the conditions are good, it will fly right away (lol)Since nature is my opponent, I guess it's all about the luck of the day🤔The Australian continent and ocean seen from 14,000ft (about 4,000m?)✨Free fall of about 60 seconds ✨Once you fly, the fun will overwhelmingly outweigh the fear 👍I was also able to operate the parachute descent😊All I can say about this is the excitement and amazing scenery that I can't tell you about✨The real Great Barrier Reef is in the sky lol That's what it feels like❗Check it out with your own eyes and skin 😆Once everyone has finished flying, they will take you back to the hotel and you're done ✨Videos will be sent via email 📩This day went smoothlyWe arrived at the hotel at 12:00 🚩I don't think there was any food or drink available on the way or at the site, so if you need it, it might be a good idea to bring it with you🤔❓Although I participated alone ❗ it was a lot of fun 😆And the staff's response was also great ✨If I come to Cairns, I will try it again 😂Thank you very much for the great adventure 😊
Belle GracieBelle Gracie
03:53 26 Aug 23
Will be doing it again but in Airlie beach 🤘🏼 was the best experience of my life. Have nothing bad to say at all. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
syed junaidsyed junaid
11:04 24 Aug 23
Had an amazing experience with these guys 🙂
Susan FullerSusan Fuller
03:51 17 Aug 23
This was such an amazing experience! The staff was friendly and helpful. Rauno was patient and made my experience AWESOME!! Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Edwin TsuiEdwin Tsui
01:48 16 Aug 23
Sid WandererSid Wanderer
08:15 15 Aug 23
It is one of a lifetime experience and recommended for all as part of their bucket list to skydive in Cairns over the Great Barrier Reef..Loved it ...amazing and special thanks to my diving instructor Floyd...cheers
Bruno FeliceBruno Felice
08:33 14 Aug 23
I love doing this and the team that made it all possible. thank you!!
Ivaylo HristovIvaylo Hristov
04:53 14 Aug 23
Incredible experience! Everyone is super friendly, very professional and easy-going. The view from here was absolutely stunning!
Jorja FlewinJorja Flewin
05:02 30 Jul 23
An absolutely insane experience! Was such an awesome day and the guys were great. Thanks to Mark you dealt with all my screaming
Matt EMatt E
07:54 19 Jul 23
wonderful and unforgettable experience for a first time tandem skydive. felt completely safe the entire time. the views of the countryside and the reef are stunning. very happy with the videos and photos
k nk n
00:26 19 Jul 23
The long wait left me flying hungry and sick.The staff sighed and seemed annoyed, and it wasn't fun.
Hayley CameronHayley Cameron
11:43 18 Jun 23
Was absolutely amazing! The Staff were really friendly and answered all of my questions until I was comfortable. Felt completely safe the entire experience. Thanks a lot to all the staff that was there that day!
04:00 10 Jun 23
From the initial impression to the end of the experience was nothing but welcoming and comforting. Instructor Brant was very nice and gave directions easy to understand. Thank you to the whole team at that location, from checking in at reception to getting unbuckled after the best experience of my life. Definitely will be back
Heather ArnoneHeather Arnone
17:29 14 May 23
I have done a handful of tandem jumps, this hands down was my best experience yet! They have a incredibly knowledgeable team they are absolutely wonderful! If you haven't been yet you should absolutely go! It was my sister's first time and she even said it was the most incredible experience she has ever had.
ashish shettyashish shetty
06:06 09 May 23
Fantastic. Awesome. I think the whole team were very very good . The way they handled the group both outside and during the dive was excellent. Made us comfortable at ease and then wow before you know it ur done .Congratulations cairns skydivers. For this incredible experience . Highly recommended
Trevor AdamsTrevor Adams
03:09 23 Feb 23
This experience was absolutely incredible. Everyone is incredibly kind and they walk you through everything. Special shout out to Jessica Ben Tatsuya and Mark for all being incredible instructors and really making it a once in a lifetime experience. 10/10 if you're going to try skydiving do it here.
10:40 05 Feb 23
Beautiful experience. Very professional and well experienced instructors.Mr Tatsuya... thank you and you are amazing!!!!Thank you Cairns SKYDIVERS.
Logan LoewensteinLogan Loewenstein
01:20 22 Jan 23
First time jumping, it was the help from such wonderful team that helped make it an amazing experience! Felt completely safe and enjoyed the entire journey from start to finish!
Rachel AlexanderRachel Alexander
02:41 17 Jan 23
Such an amazing experience! The staff were very easy going but professional. Highly recommend the photo and video package as the memories are fantastic! I jumped with Mark Alan who was amazing! His energetic, friendly nature really helps you to relax and fully enjoy the experience!
Diego PachonDiego Pachon
02:08 31 Dec 22
Awesome experience, very professional and fun staff and instructors. Highly recommended 🤩. Thanks guys for such an amazing dive!
Diego PachonDiego Pachon
02:08 31 Dec 22
Awesome experience, very professional and fun staff and instructors. Highly recommended 🤩. Thanks guys for such an amazing dive!
Martha MunnMartha Munn
01:45 23 Dec 22
Great staff that made my first time super comfortable. Absolutely loved and recommend to anyone travelling to Cairns or surrounding !
Laura MerkelLaura Merkel
07:52 08 Dec 22
We were here as Funjumpers and had wonderful jumps.Thanks to Mark and the whole Crew for having us! Your are great!
Nicole TakacsNicole Takacs
03:42 29 Nov 22
Had the BEST experience at Cairns Skydivers!! The instructors were very nice and made my jump very enjoyable. Everything went perfectly - highly recommend skydiving here!
We had a great day with Rauno, Lee and the rest of the crew!!! They were amazing and made the skydive very enjoyable with both jokes and experience. The facilities at the place are also very good, they got a pool, tennis table, shower, etc. That is good for the only bad thing I can say, which is the waiting time. We were asked to be there at 8:30 and we end up jumping around 11:30. Good thing is the facilities are good as I said. But in overall they really deserve 5 stars because they are great. If you are doubting, doubt no more, go with these guys, they are top professionals.
Steven KellySteven Kelly
07:10 11 Mar 22
Really wonderful experience. Entire team was so lovely and professional. Our instructors were so kind and engaging and really made us feel at ease. A first for me and I would totally do one again. Highly recommend these guys.
12:47 14 Jan 22
Great instructors, great staff, great skydiving and a memory for lifetime. Loved it
Thi BuiThi Bui
12:54 13 Jan 22
Absolutely loved skydiving with them, the staff were all friendly and calmed any nerves you may have. You instantly know you are in safe hands, would highly recommend them!
Adria MurciaAdria Murcia
12:45 17 Dec 21
Super good people best pleace to do skydiving
Charmain DeGoumoisCharmain DeGoumois
00:35 28 May 21
Just awesome bloke's. Highly recommend. Thanks guy's.
Geoffrey GrantGeoffrey Grant
08:45 18 May 21
Great experience. Could not meet nicer bunch of lads. Also the girl in the booking office. Unbelievable day
Peter BaileyPeter Bailey
14:30 03 Apr 21
Very Professional, would recommend them
Vishak SarathVishak Sarath
04:29 28 Dec 20
Great place to start skydiving
V IyerV Iyer
01:12 19 Feb 20
Very nice experience. I could not do the tandem skydiving due to some health issues but some family members did it and they were thrilled by the experience. It is rather expenriece but worth the costs. A must experience and must do. You have to get up very early as it takes some hours to reach the place to start the tandem skydiving. Great views. Some large domestic animals were lying dead bit by the poisonous snakes in Australia.
leon johnstonleon johnston
10:17 07 Sep 19
Totally awesome experience. Got me right out of my comfort zone.Instructors were great fun, but completely professional.I'll certainly recommended them to others.
Kevin HaagKevin Haag
04:07 18 Mar 19
Incredible experience. Friendly, professional staff. Surreal location! Well worth it
Tom indoTom indo
15:58 11 Sep 18
Wonderful and unforgettable experienced. Start from pick up by the driver (also instructor) dwane johnson if i didn't wrongly remember his given name. He was so polite and nice guy, i felt welcome even before we start the jump. Once arrived they weight each of us and IF YOUR WEIGHT IS MORE THEN 95KG THEY WILL CHARGE YOU 50DOLLAR EXTRA ( in my case it was only 700gr extra) they are very strict with it and i paid mine. And yes they must weight you with all cloth and shoes on! I was tandem with Terry. He is a very funny guy and he is nice too, i have a good time with him and he took a good video too. YOU MUST HAVE VIDEO AND PICTURE PACKAGE TOO and i think is worth the penny. The jump was not scary at all and for those of you who afraid, trust me, in my opinion, high speed roller coaster is more scarier that sky diving.

Kurrimine Beach Landing

Land on the beach. Walk to the reef.

That’s right! We land on Kurrimine Beach, one of the closest spots to the Great Barrier Reef. You can walk out and explore King Reef on very low tides! Choose the optional beach landing for just an additional $30 and live an experience like no other.

You will take off from our tropical dropzone and enjoy a 20-minute flight to height, with stunning views of the Great Barrier reef. Then the door will open and you will be freefalling surrounded by an incredible landscape, followed by a gentle parachute ride to our exclusive landing on Kurrimine Beach. The cherry on top of an incredible experience.

tourist skydiving over the great barrier reef
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First time jumping?

Get the guide to your first skydive

Get the confidence and knowledge to finally tick skydiving off your bucket list with our 15-page guide, delivered to your inbox.

From booking to jumping with Cairns Skydivers

What to expect with Cairns Skydivers

If you are looking for the ultimate Cairns Skydiving experience you have landed in the right place. Get ready for the rush of a lifetime and make sure you include a beach landing in your booking for the ultimate experience.

Make a booking

Make a booking to skydive in Cairns choosing your preferred date and time, or purchase a skydiving gift voucher using our secure online system or over the phone. Our skydiving vouchers are valid for 3 years. You will receive a confirmation email with all your reservation or gift voucher details. Contact us if you have any questions or need to make changes to your booking.

Check-in on the day

You should allow for half a day on the date of your skydive. Our dropzone is located in Mundoo, close to Innisfail, about 50 min from Cairns. If you need it we can arrange free return transport to your accommodation. Come in casual clothes and comfortable closed footwear (no flip flops please!) Check-in at reception and our staff will guide you through the next steps.

Go skydiving

Your skydiving instructor will give you a safety briefing and get you geared up prior to take off. A 20 min flight to altitude will follow, with stunning panoramic views of tropical north Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. At 14,000 feet the door opens and…pure adrenaline in freefall followed by a beautiful parachute ride. We bet you will rate it as the best experience of your life. Time to flash your Skydiving Certificate!

Cairns Skydiving gift vouchers

This is a gift like no other

Friends trips, birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, team events…there is always a good reason to throw someone out of a perfectly good airplane and gift a tandem skydive in Cairns! You can hang out on our premises while watching planes take off and parachutes land. Display birthday or proposal signs, enjoy a picnic, take photos and videos…we want you to make it a really special day!

Our skydiving gift vouchers are valid for 3 years

Why choose Cairns Skydivers

Book direct with the skydiving experts

We love what we do and every member of our staff strives to give our visitors a great experience tandem skydiving in Cairns

Skydiving Safety

We use the safest skydiving gear in the market. All our rigs are fitted with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) and a reserve parachute.

50 years skydiving in Australia

We are the most experienced skydiving company in Cairns. Australian-owned and operated, we have been around for over 50 years.

Exclusive beach landing

Exclusive beach landing on Kurrimine Beach available for just $30 extra. Top up a unique experience landing on the sand of this small beach.

Best price guaranteed

Get the best value and fun experience with our skydiving packages in Cairns. We have the best skydiving prices in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

Breath-taking views

Enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the beautiful tropical landscape skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, an unmatched visual experience from a birds-eye view.

Free transport available

We can arrange pick-up and return from your accommodation in Cairns at no extra cost. Select free shuttle service when booking your skydive.

Frequent questions skydiving in Cairns

Cairns skydiving FAQs

Contact us with any other questions you may have. We are here to help you, before, during, and after your tandem skydive in Cairns.

What's the age limit to skydive in Australia?

The minimum age to skydive in Australia is 16 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 needs their parent or guardian’s written permission. There is not a maximum age limit to skydive but we reserve the right to refuse a skydive based on our assessment of weight and health to ensure the safety of our visitors and our staff. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact us to avoid disappointment on the day.

Is there a weight limit to skydive?

The maximum weight to skydive is 110 kg, due to safety reasons. We weigh each person at check-in when you arrive at Cairns Skydivers. Over 95kg charges apply: $25 over 95kg, $50 over 100kg and $100 for the max. weight allowed of 110kg

Is skydiving safe?

Fun is high on our list, but your safety is our number one priority. There are risks involved in skydiving, however, according to statistics from the USPA, you are more likely to die in a car accident than skydiving. Thanks to the advancements in technology, regulation and training, skydiving has become much safer over the last few decades. Safety devices like AADs (Automatic Activation Device), installed in all our rigs, ensure that even in the extremely unlikely event that the instructor is unable to manually deploy their parachute, the AAD will automatically trigger the deployment of the reserve parachute. That, coupled with stringent safety procedures and processes as well as experienced instructors with thousands of jumps ensure that your skydiving experience is as safe as possible.

Are skydiving photos or video included?

You can purchase photos and video packages as extras, either when booking your skydive or when you arrive at the dropzone or our office in Cairns for your check-in. Visit our skydiving bookings page for an up-to-date list of prices and options.

Is the beach landing included?

You can add our exclusive beach landing on Kurrimine Beach as an extra for just $30, it is quite a unique experience! We will pick you up and drive back to our skydiving center about 15 min away.

How long does it take to skydive?

We will often have you checked in and jumped within 2-3 hours, however it is safer to plan for a half a day activity as there may be weather or unforeseen circumstances out of our control. Make sure you add our free shuttle service to your booking if you require transportation from your accommodation.

Your booking time is for your check-in time. When you arrive you will need to fill in some paperwork, and then you are assigned to a load or flight. The safety briefing and gear up with your instructor will take 10 min, followed by a 20 min flight to altitude.

Please ensure you arrive and check-in on time. If you have any time constraints let us know beforehand.

Safety is our top priority, if we have to wait on the ground to ensure your safety due to weather holds, we will, but we generally complete all jumps in a timely manner.

How many people can go in the same plane to skydive?

It will depend on the aircraft we are operating on the day and the size of your group. Exact numbers in the plane are also affected by weights, how many people want outside camera (extra instructor onboard) and other factors. If you want to jump with your friends or relatives on the same flight we will do our best to accommodate your request, please let us know when you check in.

What to wear skydiving?

Our advice on what to wear skydiving in Cairns:

  • Dress for the weather on the day with comfortable casual clothes. If it is cold we can provide you with a skydiving jumpsuit that can be fitted over your clothes.
  • We will provide you with skydiving goggles so you don’t miss the stunning views skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef! If you wear prescription glasses we have special oversized goggles.
  • Secure footwear is important. Enclosed shoes that won’t fall off are required. No flip-flops or open sandals.
  • Remember to empty your pockets!

What are the physical requirements for skydiving ?

Almost any healthy person can do a tandem skydive, even seniors over 80 years old. Due to safety reasons we reserve the right to refuse a skydive after our assessment based on age, weight and general health. If unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us before booking your skydive in Cairns.

Do you get a roller coaster sensation when you skydive?

You don’t get a stomach drop typical of roller coasters when you skydive. Because of the relative wind when jumping out of the plane you experience air resistance, and after a few seconds transition into terminal velocity. It feels like a natural drop sensation pushed by the relative wind, followed by a floating sensation when you are freefalling at terminal velocity.

Can I cancel my skydiving booking?

Bookings can be cancelled for a full refund if you give us at least 48 hours notice. We can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost if you cannot make it on the day booked, let us know more than 24 hours in advance. Our vouchers and credit are valid for 3 years.

Can I change my skydive date or time?

Yes, let us know more than 24h in advance if you cannot make it on the day or time you booked and we can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost. Changes made within less than 24 hours will attract a $50 change fee.

Can I book a skydive for someone else?

Yes, you can book a skydive for someone else at a specific date and time, or purchase a skydiving gift voucher that can be used by the recipient within 3 years.

Do you have skydiving gift vouchers or gift cards?

Yes, we do, and they make the gift of a lifetime! If you want to surprised a loved one you can choose a date and time for the skydive, or you can purchase a skydiving gift voucher, valid for 3 years.


Absolutely! We want you to have as much fun as possible and make it one of the best experiences in your life. Friends and family can hang out at our premises watching you board the plane and land under a parachute

Our instructors

Best rated skydiving team in Cairns



Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, DZSO


Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor


Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor


Tandem Master, AFF Instructor, Senior Pilot, DZSO

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